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Other Court Bonds

Bologna Agency is well known for our experience in Probate Court, but we also have the ability and experience to write bonds for many different proceedings in courts throughout State of Michigan.

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Appeal Bonds
Appeal bonds ensures that if an appeal is unsuccessful, the payment of the original judgment of the court will be paid. The party that is appealing the court's ruling is required to purchase an appeal bond The appeal bond is required to discourage people from appealing to stall for time and other reasons that waste the court's time.

Receiver Bonds
A receiver bond guarantees faithful performance of duty by a fiduciary appointed by the courts.

Stay of Execution Bonds
Stay of execution bonds guarantees payment of amount due under an execution.

Bankruptcy Trustee Bonds
Bankruptcy Trustee Bonds provide a guarantee to the beneficiaries of the bankruptcy action that the bonded trustees, appointed in a bankruptcy proceeding, will perform their duties and handle the affairs according to the rulings of the court.